In April 2019 Munira Leather launched the Secret Flower scarf designed by ME (yes, you read it right).

You have already seen the scarf on my Instagram and Facebook account but you probably don’t know the story behind this collaboration.

So let’s get straight to it.


Last year in July Munira Leather contacted me for a collaboration proposal. They wanted me to make a design for a scarf which would have been part of a collection of scarves made by various Islamic geometry artists. How cool is that?

The excitement was real. I mean, I did another design for another company before but they didn't want my name to appear on it and it ended up being just a freelance job. While Munira wanted MY design created and signed by ME. I was (and still I am) so HONOURED for this opportunity. They believed in me way before I believed in myself.

I spent my summer holidays working on the design. I woke up at 7 am and went to sleep at 1 am. I was so happy that I didn't want to sleep. I think the adrenaline kept me going.

It took me some time to develop the idea and create the artwork. I usually use gold paint in my paintings but I wasn’t sure the gold would look good printed on silk. We had to make some samples and see if it was a good or bad idea.

2 months passed and finally all the pieces were ready. It felt so good.

Fast forward to one month ago when Munira contacted me again to say the scarves were ready to be launched. 
I think my heart skipped a beat 😂

The thing that I love about it is that as the design was hand painted and then scanned and printed on silk, you can really see the unpredictable beauty of watercolours. All the different hues, lights and shadows, they are all there printed on silk.

I really hope you get to see it in real life.


At the beginning I started by searching an appropriate pattern that could fit in such a big space. I wanted to make a miniature of course but not too small so that I would lose my head over it.

Soon I realised that I was ready to create a brand new pattern, something you can’t find anywhere else. I think this was the part I preferred the most.

I painted the design on cold pressed 100% cotton 300gsm watercolour paper using Winsor&Newton and Daniel Smith professional watercolours and I scanned the artwork using a high quality scan (I actually paid a professional to do that for me).

I made the design in smaller parts because you can't really find a scanner 180x65cm big and then I put it all together on Photoshop (I know you want to know that). Munira took care of the printing process instead.

I knew I wanted to make something blue straight from the beginning. I was reading a book back then about pigments in nature and I was extremely interested in the colour blue because it’s my favourite colour.


During the creation of this scarf I imagined a garden full of blue flowers, various shades, vibrant and delicate.
I imagined that each flower is a woman, various skin tones, strong and intelligent.
So unique yet humble that we don’t even know the beautiful flower that we are.

And I thought how beautiful it would be if every woman could have something special, something to remind her the beautiful flower that she holds inside deep in her soul. Just like a Secret Flower.
A little blue flower that we often forget to water and let perish because of others, because of life.

This scarf is a little reminder for me and for all of you that we are unique and a force of nature.
We bloom were we are planted and we can win the darkness by being the light ourselves. .